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Everything wears out with time and use, and the electrical wiring in your home is no different. The older your home is and the more your electrical system has been used, the greater the need to update the wiring. Here are five benefits of rewiring your property with a professional and who to call for help updating your home electricity:

1. Determine the Age of Your Electrical Wiring

When assessing your electrical system for rewiring, an electrician can determine the materials’ age. This plays an important role in the overall lifespan of your system and helps you know when to make updates. If you don’t know how old your electrical system is, your property could be at risk when the wiring degrades before you have the chance to catch it early.

2. Get More Resale Value

Upgrading your electrical system automatically adds more value to your home, allowing you to list it for a higher price if you were to sell it. In some cases, an old home must be rewired to even get it on the market. Many home loan providers have minimum standards for properties they will finance, and the electrical system is one of the major ones that must be met in order to qualify.

3. Update Your Safety Features

Home safety technology continues to expand, and today’s sophisticated electrical systems are safer than they have ever been before. Your electrician can help you choose updated safety features that give you both peace of mind and protection against potential problems.

4. Increase Your Electrical Capacity

Boston has a plethora of charming Colonial-style homes that help give the seaside city its beloved character. But these old homes weren’t built for the electrical demands of today. Many homeowners struggle with power surges, blown fuses, and overloaded electrical systems and have difficulty maintaining the function of electronics and appliances as a result.

Rewiring your home with the help of a professional can increase its total electrical capacity, giving you access to the power you need to run your modern home. An electrician will ask questions about how often you use electronics and what kind of appliances you have to assess your total electricity needs. This ensures you have enough power after updating your system for everything you need to run now and in the future.

5. Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Rewiring your home electrical system automatically lowers the risk of fires which, in turn, lowers your homeowner’s insurance rates. Depending on how much you pay for insurance, this may be a significant amount of money each month. In time, these savings can even help you recoup some or all of the costs of your electrical upgrade.

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Navigating an electrical system on your own is difficult and dangerous. It’s important to work with a trusted professional with good safety ratings. Costas Hatzis Electric is a family-owned electrical company providing residential and commercial services throughout the Boston metropolitan area and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Contact us now at (617) 767-1247 for more information.